The Benefits of Low-E Glass

exteriors-unlimited-5Summer is right around the corner. During the peak of this season, your home can feel like an oven with you and your family baking inside. Rather than switching on the AC full blast and spending a fortune on your energy bill, consider switching to Low-E glass. Find out what type of window this is and how it can keep your home cool.

What Is Low-E Glass?

As suggested in its name, low-emissivity windows are a type of glass with a coating that reduces its emissivity. Emissivity basically refers to a surface’s ability to radiate energy. The coating used for low-e glass is designed to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that can pass through the window. More importantly, it does this without affecting the amount of visible light that gets through.

All the science aside, what you need to know is that the lower the emissivity the more energy efficient it is. Windows also have an emissivity rating. For comparison’s sake, uncoated glass has a rating of .84. Coated window ratings differ, but some have a rating as low as .02.

Coated Windows on average are about $40 to $50 more per pane than uncoated windows. Of course, you’ll quickly recover the cost by saving elsewhere, such as by using a lower AC setting. It also increases your home’s value should you decide to sell down the road.

Invest in Low-E Windows

Contact Exteriors Unlimited to have your windows replaced with new Low-E glass windows that will deflect heat without inhibiting natural sunlight. We also install siding, so consider a full exterior home renovation. It’s an investment that improves efficiency and adds tons of visual appeal. Our special offers make installation affordable for all Spokane residents. With Low-E glass, your home won’t feel like the Sahara Desert come summer.
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Low-E Glass Installation for Spokane Homes & Businesses

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