Four Different Types of Exterior Window Shutters

Window Shutter TypesShutters have been in use around the world for centuries. They protected homes from the elements in the days when windows were a cost-prohibitive commodity. Today, shutters are a nice add-on for enhancing curb appeal. Learn about the different types of exterior window shutters and the home types each is suited for.

Louvered Window Shutters

Louvered shutters are perhaps the most common variety. They consist of overlapping uniform wood slats set within a frame. Due to their fairly generic appearance, louvered shutters are suitable for all kinds of homes. If painted a bold color, they make a great focal point against a white saltbox-style house, or a house with all-white siding. In some styles, the slats can be adjusted to let in or block incoming sunlight.

Board and Batten Shutters

As suggested in its name, these shutters are made from individual wooden boards joined together by a horizontal crosspiece. Board and batten shutters go great with cottage and farm-style homes. They also look really great on homes with curved windows.

Raised and Solid Panel Window Shutter

Panel shutters utilize panels in its design, similar to the decorative panels seen on a front door or kitchen cabinet door. Some of the fancier styles may even contain cut-out shapes or designs for added visual appeal. Panel shutters are great for luxury and contemporary homes.

Combination Shutters

Combination shutters incorporate two or more elements from different shutter types. The upper half portion, for example, may utilize a louvered design, while the lower half contains a panel-style look. You can customize, mix and match different elements to acquire your desired, unique design.

We Install Various Types of Exterior Window Shutters

Be sure to contact Exteriors Unlimited and check out our gallery of previous projects. We provide a variety of exterior window shutter types that are perfect for the diverse styles of homes in the Spokane Valley region.
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Window Shutter Installation for a Picture-Perfect Home

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